VictoriaMilan Review — Ashley Madison European Style?

Recently, we joined VictoriaMilan in order to test its efficiency and its security. Can you trust VictoriaMilan in finding a discreet encounter? Is your personal information safe? Read our review and find out for yourself.

VictoriaMilan Review Results

VictoriaMilan has some positive merits. The site is sound, the operators appear to be genuinely concerned about safeguarding the privacy of users – its style and design is elegant. However, for U.S. based users it offers few possibilities for finding a match. The site’s user base is just too small and too lopsided toward European users.

We feel that those seeking to find an affair who live anywhere in North America would do better if they joined sites such as Ashley Madison or AdultFriendFinder. Those sites have plenty of users who do live nearby.

– Pros and Cons –

  • Available for both desktop, iOS, and Android
  • Has a privacy and security policy in place regarding personal data
  • Registration can be buggy
  • Very few users from U.S or Canada
  • Overall user base is small

Cheating, infidelity – whatever you call it – has always existed and always will. It is as much a reality of life as eating, breathing and drinking. When it comes to the world of online dating and hookups, some studies indicate that as many as a 30 percent of all members registered on such sites lie about their current partnership status. Of course, there are many reasons why this happens – we are not here to judge. Some people may be bored or stuck in an unhappy marriage – the reasons for infidelity can fill volumes if not libraries.

Ashley Madison is perhaps the most famous hookup site that focuses specifically on the infidelity niche. However, it is not the only one. VictoriaMilan is an online hookup site that is attempting to get a piece of the online infidelity market. You may say, it wants to induce a few of Ashley Madison’s users to cheat with them.

VictoriaMilan claims to be 100 percent discreet and anonymous. It promises fast and efficient hookups between like-minded adults around the world. Taking into consideration the unfortunate incident that happened with Ashley Madison a few years ago when users’ personal information was hacked, it is important to know how reliable the privacy and security protocols are for a hookup site focusing on the infidelity niche before you join.

– Differences with Ashley Madison –

If you are interested in finding a partner for an affair, chances are that you are familiar with Ashley Madison. In all probability, you may already be a member. It is for that reason that we are using Ashley Madison as a comparative point for VictoriaMilan.

The first thing that we noticed about VictoriaMilan was that unlike Ashley Madison, it is not based in North America. While Ashley Madison is based in Canada and the vast majority of its members are Americans and Canadians, VictoriaMilan is based in Malta. The vast majority of VictoriaMilan’s users reside in Europe, mainly in Scandinavian countries. The site claims to have 5 million active users. We were unable to find any independent sources that would verify those membership figures. By analyzing internet traffic flows to the site, we estimated that the number of active monthly visitors to VictoriaMilan was approximately 500,000.

Aside from those key differences, the method used by VictoriaMilan to bring like-minded people together is similar to Ashley Madison’s. So too are its features.

– The Platform –

VictoriaMilan can be accessed via a desktop web browser as well as native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. The mobile apps can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. There is also a mobile version of VictoriaMilan that can be accessed from a smartphone’s web browser without having to install the app. This rudimentary mobile version, however, is rather unstable and clunky. During our testing we found it to be extremely ineffective. If you wish to use VictoriaMilan on a smartphone we strongly suggest you stick with one of the native mobile apps.

– Privacy and Security –

In its terms of service, VictoriaMilan stipulates that it will safeguard the integrity of the personal information and data of its users. We read through the TOS thoroughly and did not find any obscure clauses that would contradict those assertions. That being said, we were unable to verify the exact security protocols that the VictoriaMilan site relies on to protect their users’ data. We are unable to verify if user data is stored on servers operated and maintained directly by VictoriaMilan or if they use third-party server farms for that purpose.

– Issues We Encountered –

We had four testers join and actively use VictoriaMilan for a four-day period. All of the testers used both the mobile and desktop version of the VictoriaMilan platform. Three of our four testers encountered difficulties when it came to registering for an account. It took them several attempts to finally be able to get an account registered. On multiple occasions, they were unable to get past the first registration screen. They would be redirected to a screen that got stuck in an endless loop that read “processing, please wait…” Even when they refreshed their screens nothing would happen.

Another issue of concern with us had to do with the apparently small number of active users. If you are located in the United States or Canada it is going to be quite difficult to find a potential match that is located near you. By our estimation, over 80 percent of the active users reside somewhere in Europe. We realize that VictoriaMilan is open and transparent about that fact, however, we need to reinforce that to our readers since the majority of them are not located in Europe.

Victoria Milan is free to join. However, in order to use any of the communication or advanced search features necessary to have any sort of chance at finding a potential match, you need to be a paid member. A three-month membership has a cost of $ monthly, The six-month package will run you $ a month, and the one year package averages out to $ a month.

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