FlexJobs’ 2017 services Fold Brilliant review, our very own 6th yearly study of the fashions creating the project mobility motion, supplies a huge amount of understandings about flexible function.

Even though some with the answers are envisaged (employees across all age brackets need additional work versatility), all of our study produced some amazing conclusions.

To master more information on precisely what people looking for work desire in work convenience, most of us got a greater plunge in to the replies FlexJobs been given from well over 5,500 individuals that replied our very own review query. The whole connection between our personal research covered an extensive assortment of scoop related manage freedom, through the increased output of rural people, to firms selecting for remote activities.

It may arrive as understandable many FlexJobs research respondents seek out isolated jobs (60%), and a majority (62percent) explained they’ve put or regarded as exiting employment as it couldn’t provide versatile function choices. But more feedback for our research comprise most unanticipated, and offered ideas into how, and why, mobility things to most job hunters.

Stop by these 15 amazing finding about job hunters looking adaptable jobs.


  • Flexible work is not just crucial that you working parents. Accentuating the extended selling point of using mobility, 40percent from the 5,500+ participants did not have offspring. While using adults are very supporting motivate the flexibility pattern, there are many people looking for work without young ones that search and benefits succeed mobility.
  • Millennials are typically in the focus of job market for some time since the principal advocates of adaptable jobs, though the fee of response from earlier employees was actually roughly similar to those from young people looking for work on problem associated with jobs mobility. Participants in the 20-29 generation was actually 11per cent—roughly exactly like the 11.5per cent response fee when you look at the 60-69 age-group.
  • 70% of participants have at any rate a bachelor’s level or a graduate degree, demanding the fantasy that work-from-home work, for example, are only offered in lower-level opportunities.

The direction they work/job research:

  • Generally not very freelancers juggle multiple performances. Of 1,300+ research participants just who discussed themselves as freelancers, 38% documented having 1 concert each time; 51percent juggled 2-3 performances at one time; 8percent have actually 4-5 performances at one time and 3% have more than 6 gigs at one time.
  • Although co-working room have actually just recently acquired eyes as a beautiful place of work tendency, just onepercent mentioned these rooms since preferred location to go when they need crucial function finished. 52percent favor their property office for maximum output.
  • Using social media marketing in one’s tasks search is usual; however, 26% said usually do not currently use any social websites networks as part of the tasks look.
  • Fraudsters targeting on the web people looking for work continue to search for sufferers, despite alerts against these people. 8% are swindled as soon as and 5% happen swindled one or more grizzly przeglД…d times. ten percent see a person who has recently been the person of a position scam and 12percent discover more than one person is the target of employment con.
  • Countering the notion that working from your home may moisten job opportunities, the majority of respondents—72percent—said they may not be nervous that an adaptable perform placement will hurt their particular career development.
  • While others respondents said they might be willing to switch some advantageous assets to have got work freedom, such as escape experience or 401K contributions, 43% asserted really should not be essential. This really is strong indicator that work flexibility is not regarded a negotiating plan or perk but, more and more, an expected work perk.

The reason they want versatile get the job done:

  • 16percent of research participants say overall health or impairment considerations tends to be an issue in exactly why the two find flexible function. Thankfully, extra companies are offering flexible work for people who have impairments , specifically remote positions that enable employees to setup homebased organizations.
  • Bad commutes aren’t unusual. 31% of respondents reported getting roundtrip commutes of more than 2 hours.
  • It’s don’t assume all the funds. Work-life balance (72per cent) got the most important element for job hunters when evaluating a position potential, to increase earnings and flexible timetable (69percent).
  • Despite the climbing expenditures of health coverage, 17per cent of respondents mentioned they’d trading medical health insurance using their company in exchange for the opportunity to telecommute.
  • Adaptable job seekers delight in working, with around two-thirds (64per cent) of participants revealing that they do the job both because they have to capture and would like to do the job. Another 11percent services solely because they want to.
  • While the majority of customers state they work to fund fundamental foods, pay-off credit, save your self for degree, or trips, more than 1/4 (27percent) also work to bring about non-profit charity and 15percent try to help support their unique mother.

Helping people looking for work contemplating finding adaptable tasks, FlexJobs recently recognized the best 30 corporations choosing virtual assistants , the best 25 corporations renting for isolated tasks , and the finest 15 corporations for operating moms and dads .

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