Adopting the timeskip, the two are shown to help you however go along very well and you can are generally viewed with her

If you are demanding Fukaboshi to take other crew safely back to brand new palace through the hostage deals, she’s the initial that Zoro states. Into the Punk Danger, she suggests question to own him providing cooler as he chooses to grab his coat out of. Robin is seen getting extremely pleased from the Zoro’s improved electricity and you can enjoy with the more than one celebration. She appears to very believe in your as a whole, since she is surprised that the swordsman was not capable of making quick really works from Pica in the Dressrosa Arc. Whenever Viola says to this lady throughout the Zoro’s want to avoid Doflamingo’s Birdcage over the Den Den Mushi, Robin actually astonished however build such as a concept, commenting “exactly how extremely like him”. From the Zou Arc, Robin shows she very values Zoro’s thoughts when she requires your whenever they is wait a little for Kin’emon and you will Kanjuro to catch right up in it and you may she comes after their decision as he urai. This indicates one to Robin observes Zoro as the leader when Luffy actually to.

Robin is quite next to Nami and frequently spends time having their, including going shopping if they have time, and speaking-to both.

Whenever she first registered the fresh new crew, Nami first distrusted this lady, but she is influenced because of the a case of jewels one to Robin stole out-of Crocodile. She sympathizes having Nami’s frustrations at the men crew members’ foolish antics, but doesn’t troubled during the them. Nami is among the Straw Cap professionals really distressed in the Robin’s just take at the hands of CP9, and you can worked tirelessly to get Robin as well as embraced their tearfully having Helicopter when they performed.

After Robin registered brand new crew, Nami started initially to evaluate Robin just like a large cousin however both of them has motherly intuition with the Helicopter and you may Momonosuke.


Usopp is actually naturally suspicious regarding Robin at first, due to this lady doing work for Baroque Really works. When he requested what Robin centered on and she answered “assassinations”, Usopp is actually scared and told Luffy that she is too dangerous. Although not, as he noticed the enjoyment element of Robin’s Devil Fruit, he forgot their concern with the girl in addition they got along well along.

Robin does not generally respond to Usopp’s serves of cowardice and you can usually will play it well think its great never happened. Having said that, Usopp cares regarding Robin’s better-becoming and you will had been, the person who stopped the woman regarding getting obtained from Enies Reception so you can Marineford under the guise off Sogeking and he was able so you can convince Robin to own trust in other people and by herself. It actually was next unbelievable help save that Robin stopped talking about your once the “Nose-kun” and just, “Usopp”.

Following the timeskip, he is demonstrated to get on best and Usopp is actually no longer intimidated because of the her while making morbid commentary along the fate from lost crewmates. It works together for the a far better trend. Of several samples of so it are noticed Orlando FL sugar babies when you look at the Punk Threat Arc, where Usopp unhesitatingly sent the lady and Luffy when they had been immobilized from the ocean. Inside the Dressrosa Arch, Robin put the girl believe into the Usopp to keep the woman from being a toy and was prepared to come across your come through and help save the woman.


Sanji always flirts having Robin, when he do with Nami. He had been the first affiliate (excluding Luffy) to just accept this lady as one of the crew. Sanji makes reference to this lady since the ‘a distant, older charm than Nami’, but really calls the girl “Robin-chan” (compared to “Nami-san”) which includes a childish aspect, and even though she’s older than him. The guy together with makes reference to her since the “Robin-chwan” from time to time, but Robin, in place of Nami, tolerates his advances and typically reacts which have complimentary. Whenever she was removed to the team, Robin did not even you will need to secure Sanji’s believe, due to their apparent fatigue for ladies. Sanji treats Robin slightly in another way of Nami, once you understand this woman is able to manage herself, but the guy really does care about the lady inside the battle and certainly will still jump so you’re able to the lady cut when this woman is in danger (particularly whenever Gecko Moria stole their trace). Even with Robin presumably deceived the team, Sanji ‘s the earliest so you’re able to forgive Robin, even before studying why Robin did exactly what she did, and you may pursued the lady instead of concern. Sanji did not forgive Wanze or Jabra to own speaking unwell out of Robin and you may violently defeat him or her each other upwards for this.

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